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On Tuesday, January 9, Rick Jonckheere died unexpectedly of a very rare autoimmune disease, CVID. Rick was first-year student Drums at the Rock Academy of Fontys Hogeschool of the Arts and only eighteen years young.

Rick was a modest student with whom others liked to work with and above all make music together. His illness, of which few people knew, did not prevent him to realizing his dream; he was a passionate and energetic student with many plans for the future.

We would have liked to see him grow into a graduate performer, sadly it was not to be. A big loss.

Research to this rare primary immune deficiency is desperately needed. Your donation is therefore of great value.

'Drumming is the only thing that makes me truly alive' - RJ

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Slagwerkkrant geeft aandacht aan Rick's Tribute Concert

09-12-2018 | 16:00 De slagwerkkrant, het vakblad voor slagwerkers in Nederland geeft aandacht aan het aankomend Tribute Concert van Rick. Een mooi en bijzonder gebaar! Via onderstaande link kunt u het hele artikel lezen: https://www.slagwerkkrant.nl/nieuws/artikel/25-21396/ricks-tribute-concert Heeft u nog geen kaartje? Reserveer uw plaats(en) via: Rick's Tribute Concert Zorg dat u er bij bent!  
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Jumbo de Parade Bergen op Zoom

09-12-2018 | 16:17 Dit bedrag is opgehaald met de emballagebonnen bij Jumbo De Parade in Bergen op Zoom.