Rick Jonckheere Foundation

On Tuesday, January 9, Rick Jonckheere died unexpectedly of a very rare autoimmune disease, CVID. Rick was first-year student Drums at the Rock Academy of Fontys Hogeschool of the Arts and only eighteen years young.

Rick was a modest student with whom others liked to work with and above all make music together. His illness, of which few people knew, did not prevent him to realizing his dream; he was a passionate and energetic student with many plans for the future.

We would have liked to see him grow into a graduate performer, sadly it was not to be. A big loss.

Research to this rare primary immune deficiency is desperately needed. Your donation is therefore of great value.

'Drumming is the only thing that makes me truly alive' - RJ

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Cultuur Carrousel Bergen op Zoom

14-08-2019 | 20:36 Cultuur Carrousel Bergen op Zoom steunt de Rick Jonckheere Foundation Op 29 september 2019 verzorgen verschillende artiesten en groepen optredens op diverse locaties in Bergen op Zoom, een voorproefje op het komend cultureel seizoen.  Informatie is te vinden op: https://www.cultuur-carrousel.nl Er zal een loterij gehouden worden waarvan de trekking plaatsvindt op de afterparty. De opbrengsten van de loten gaan geheel naar de foundation voor onderzoek naar CVID. De loten zijn te koop voor € 1,00 per stuk en zijn te bestellen via rickjonckheerefoundation@ziggo.nl      
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02-08-2019 | 17:04 To: SMS actie voor Rick Donaties feb-jul