Ticket sales Rick's Tribute Concert has started!

22-11-2018 | 19:39

The ticket sale of Rick's Tribute Concert on his birthday January 22, 2019 in Theater De Maagd has started.

It will be a beautiful tribute and the best gift we can give to Rick.
The evening will be marked by live music with a big wink to drums and percussion.
The following artists perform with covers and own work:

Ricks band New Stuff.
Various bands Rockacademie.
Ricks teacher from Rockacademie and top drummer René Creemers.
Top drummer Lean Robbemont, known as drummer of Alain Clark and Waylon.
Original drummers The Lion King Netherlands with Jeroen Dur.
Percussion group CKB with a song written by Rick.

The price of the ticket is € 18.25 each including administration costs and a consumption.
The entire proceeds of this goes to the Foundation.
You can order the tickets directly via the link below.

This evening is made possible by financial support from the Meeussen Fund and Cultuurbedrijf Bergen op Zoom.