Rick's Tribute Concert with Friends

We celebrate Rick's birthday on 22 January 2019 with a concert with live music drums and percussion.

The concert takes place in theater de Maagd in Bergen op Zoom. It will be a beautiful tribute and the best gift we can give Rick.

  • The following artists perform with covers and own work:
  • Ricks band New Stuff. Various bands Rockacademie.
  • Ricks teacher from Rockacademie and top drummer René Creemers.
  • Cesar Zuiderwijk, drummer Golden Earring
  • Original drummers The Lion King Netherlands with Jeroen Dur.
  • Percussion group CKB with a song written by Rick.

The tickets cost € 18.25 each including administration costs and a consumption.

The entire proceeds from ticket sales go to the Foundation. You can order the tickets directly via the link below.


This evening is made possible by:

  • Meeussen Fonds with financial support
  • Cultuurbedrijf Bergen op Zoom by co-organizing the event
  • Gian Photography by designing the posters and supporting the band New Stuff
  • Grenshotel de Jonckheer by supporting the band New Stuff
  • Picovello by making unique base drum sheets
  • printing company van Gorsel for printing posters

Click on the picture below for a performance by Rick in a sold-out theater. He was 15 years old then.